The problem

Our team has been asked to analyze the Job Agent functionality – a mechanism encouraging the usersĀ  to subscribe to regular notifications for jobs matching their search preferences.

Existing solution (popup window) had close-to-zero conversion, and has been perceived by users as intrusive, interruptive and overall unwanted. Also, mobile version for this mechanism was completely different from the desktop experience, so this has been tackled as well.

TheĀ Solution

A Design Sprint for this has been created for this purpose, and after 4 days 2 solutions have been identified that would be A/B tested afterwards.
The results included:

  1. A slider at the right side of the page containing all the search filters applied for the user
  2. A dedicated area below the search form

After the AB tests the second solution has been picked up as the one giving the higher conversion rates.

Within this project the Job Agent emails have been also redesigned to match the overall styling of the newly revamped site.

Initial state

Initial state - popup

End result

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