Challenges and problems

  • Old Online Ordering (OLO) process allowed only one listing to be purchased. This often discouraged users and made them abandon the process without purchasing more
  • Unclear product selection table – users often started to count which option is the most appropriate for them
  • Quick Info on the first page (gathering basic customer info for the sales team to follow up) caused high bounce rate
  • Confusing preview with no customer’s contact data visible
  • Confusing layout and options selection
  • Confusing promocodes application
  • Outdated visual style


  • Gathering project requirements
  • Analysis of traffic data
  • Analysis and documenting of user flows and journeys
  • Sketches and paper mockups
  • Wireframes
  • Updating visuals to match latest styleguide

Sketches and user flows

Sketch 1

Product selection page changes & improvements

  • Improved readility (larger fonts)
  • Removed multiple listing selector
  • Streamlined features and prices appearance
  • Changed verbiage to improve users’ comprehension
  • Added options to post an intern job and buy access to candidate database

Old appearance

Improved appearance

Updated product selection table

Product configuration page changes & improvements

  • Improved font readability (larger fonts and changed typeface)
  • Modular elements work as accordion, removing clutter from the page

Old layout selection page

First wireframe

Updated product selection table

Updated wireframe

Product configuration wireframe 2

Final implementation

Basket page changes & improvements

  • updated promo codes appearance
  • improved readability

Old basket appearance

Updated product selection table

Updated basket appearance

Final basket appearance

Updated product selection table