Ivanti Common Design Language

The Problem

Due to multiple acquisition over the recent years, Ivanti has been struggling with visual unity between the apps (and sometimes even within a single application). With the introduction with one common cloud platform, a necessity for one coherent and unified user experience became one of the most important projects in UX area. Below is a screenshot from one of the applications

The Solution

Along with 2 other UX designers (Jack Smith & Eric Davis) we started developing from scratch a unified Common Design Language (CDL for short) that will do the groundwork for building modern and unified web apps for the company.

After consultation with the development teams we’ve decided to take Atomic Design approach when developing the CDL. This would allow alignment between UX and Dev teams and can make introduction even the smallest changes quicker.

Base elements include:

  • Colour palette
  • Typography
  • Grid system
  • Layouts
  • Icon library
  • Theming engine
  • Other components as per Atomic Design Principle (atoms/molecules/organisms)

From there we started developing base atoms (the smallest items that will then build bigger Molecules, that will then become Organisms as per Atomic Design Principle).

This is still work in progress but the prototype can be viewed on Axure Share.